About Us


The best gifts are sharing memories and that is exactly what we do best. Print your photos on our selection of different sizes and shapes and bring that memory back to life.


Memory Block is an Australian Brand with brilliant eco-friendly products, all of which are created backed with an environmentally friendly ideology to enjoy what nature has to offer and leave the least carbon footprint we can.

We love our environment and we love the idea of combining our artistic side with blocks! It’s our passion and promise to bring you the very best product, that is created and handled with love from the minute an order is placed until it is delivered to you

We use the latest printing technology on the market using a cutting-edge UV light industrial printer to print and dry on the spot. We take any photo or design directly onto specially crafted wooden blocks, and in the near future-glass, tiles, cement and more

Our Pine Wood blocks are originated from New Zealand - we ensure the highest quality in every step of the block processing.


Our blocks are:

  • 100% Natural

  • As Steady as wood can be

  • Waterproof- clean with a wet cloth

  • Do not Scratch easily

  • Come in a variety of shapes and sizes

  •  Amazing and beautiful


Watch the video to better understand how the wood comes to life from your photos.

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